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Lou blog: Never once did I ever walk alone

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I love it when a song captures every emotion your heart cannot possibly express itself. This happened again for me on Sunday night at Resound.  The band started playing, the lights were dimmed, people were pressing into the presence of God.  And in that place God reminded me that He is faithful.

Its been a pretty tough couple of months.  It hasnt been terrible, just tough.  I am learning a lot.  I am being challenged.  It is good.  But it is also tough.  When life gets like that, my default position can sometimes be to back off.  From people.  From situations.  From life. It has felt a lot like a season of winter.

In winter, any living thing starts to reserve its resources.  They might slow down.  Hibernate.  Trees shed there colourful leaves and pool their resources round the heart of themselves to endure a time with limited light.  That's how I feel.  I am still standing.  The roots are still running deep, unshaken.  I am just reserving my strength at the core of who I am.  At my heart.  It means I feel a bit prickly.  A bit sparse and exposed.  I am not sure that I have much to offer.  It is not the most attractive season.  There is not much warmth or colour.

But its ok.  Spring is coming.

As I listened to the lyrics of the worship song my Matt Redman called "Never once" God was telling me that in every step, in every season He is with me.  There will be scars and struggles on the road to victory but never once did I ever walk alone.

We have never walked alone.

As I look back I can see His footprints.  Evidence that He was there.  I felt challenged to start knowing this truth for now.  For the future.  Not in just hindsight.  We have come a LONG way and He has been there for the highs and lows.  He will continue to carry us with constant grace and perfect peace.

We will never walk alone.

Because God is faithful.  Faithful in His promises.  Faithful in the small things.  And faithful in the big.  Faithful in His love.  In His word.  In His plans. Faithful in every season.  And that is what I am going to cling to in this place waiting for spring. It feels lonely and uncomfortable.  But God is faithful.  He is near.  He is with me. He will walk with me, and through a season of Spring. And beyond.

We aren't walking alone.




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