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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 17:14

Lee Blog: Blessed Be Your Name

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Blessed Be Your Name!

Please click on the writing under the image above to see the video that has inspired me to write this blog

I was thinking about my friend today! She inspires me. She inspires me to want the things of Jesus! She has so much faith when I seem to have none. While I am questioning everything she just simply believes. When I am ranting and raving about how much God has let me down and doesn't love me she shows me all the times he has come through for me! When I tell her that I sometimes doubt and struggle she smiles and tells me "don't we all!" Lol, she does't seem to!

When I am at the end and I try and put practical things in place to sort it out, she prays! When I keep pushing on in my strength she asks for Gods strength. When I need spiritual clarity and answers she tells God that whatever he says she will do. When I want to know everything, she trusts God is in control.

We all need people like this, and while they do not replace God as our everything, they help us see God in everything. I love walking with giants. I am just so blessed that my giant is my wife!

Blessed be your name LORD!!!!!

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