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Monday, 10 October 2011 18:40

Phil Blog: View from the future

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I don’t care too much for weather forecasters who predict snow in 2 months time. But I love the forecasters who talk about what's going to happen tomorrow morning. Why? I find them a whole lot more reliable. From my experience the weather forecaster at 10.30 on BBC1 gives a fairly accurate forecast of what is going to fall from the sky as I cycle to school - and, more importantly, the wind direction and speed.

Why prattle on about predictions? Well, I sat down the other night to read a couple of articles and I thought I'd dip into my vinyl collection instead of flicking on the radio. I plucked out an old album from Steve Butler, a Glasgow songwriter I admired back in the day. Once I finished reading I dipped into the lyrics of a track I've always loved - 'Best is still to come'. Here they are for your consideration:

Sweat it out – I’ll burst my brain
Trying to do the best for me
Lying awake – worried sick that
Everyone is better than me
Going out I’ll shoot my mouth off
Impressing nobody but me
Stop stop – will I ever grow up Lord
Rescue me from me

You don’t want me just trying hard
Or even free use of my bankers card
So I try to bring my broken heart
But the best is still to come

Coming here that way
How did you do it Lord
Everything you said is everything
I need to know
I don’t need no invitation
I just need my usual second chance
I believe every word is true about you
And that I can leap this final fence

No use me just being alright
Content to settle down
No writer could ever write all you’ve done
But the best is still to come

The best for you
The best for me

I have a future orientation because of Jesus. I look to the future with hope because of Jesus. Sure there will be mistakes. Sure I’ll fall on my face. But I know for certain that my life has the best ahead because of Jesus – grace, healing, forgiveness. The Best Is Still To Come.

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