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Friday, 30 September 2011 16:05

Lee Blog: Truth and Grace

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A prophet lady came to our church the other day (haven't asked permission to use her name) and she made a statement that completely stumped me! She said "How can we always show people grace and yet remain truthful?"

How do I do that? What do I say to a person who has just lost someone they love when they ask, "is my dad in hell?" What do I say to a person who asks me if what they are doing is wrong in my eyes? How do I say the truth and yet treat people in grace and not judge them and come across all Mr Know It All!

I never want to be a man that compromises what I know is truth and then I never want to be a man that doesn't show grace to those who don't know!

The answer lies in our depth of relationship with God. The closer we are to Him, the closer our words will be His words! When our spirit is in unity with God's Spirit then we are equipped for the job.

I have experienced the truth of this myself. Recently I was asked by someone whether I thought their close friend was in hell. I very nearly opted for my default answer which is, "Well I don't believe that anyone is in hell right now, I think there will be a judgement day and things get decided then and to be honest you never know what a person says or thinks in their dying moments. I mean all the thief on the cross had to say was 'remember me' and he got in so I would rest and know that God is good and He would do everything to get a person to come to Him" But the Holy Spirit stopped me........ and instead I said the answer He told me say. I said, "My friend, while I can never be certain what will happen to xxxxx because only God can judge, I know what the Bible says and I cannot change what is true even if I want to just as much as I cannot stop the sun from rising every day. But I know what it means to lose someone so close to you and not know whether you will see them again."

We cried together for some time and those words for that person were the right ones. Now does that mean that that sentence will be right for everyone? Of course not. I pray that the Holy Spirit will allow me to have His words for the next person but how can I hope that if my heart does not beat with God's heart?

'If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him'
(James 1 v 5)

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  • Comment Link Ann Marie Thomas Thursday, 06 October 2011 14:00 posted by Ann Marie Thomas

    Thanks for this Lee, it's a tricky one, and what you had to say is helpful. I also find it useful to ask, "What do you think?" It gives me some thinking time and gets the questioner to tell you where they're at, so you can phrase your answer better.

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