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It's Time to Lean in Together

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Last night was our third Leaders Community gathering since we launched in September. As an elders team we really felt this was an area God was prompting us to prioritise and be intentional about, that is an integral part of what is needed if we are to move forward into everything God has for us as a church family.


In light of our theme “Lean In” this year, we connected, worshipped, discussed and prayed around what leaning in meant for our leadership and how we help those we lead and do life with to lean in as well. As I was preparing for the evening, God gave me a picture that I’d love to share with you.


The picture was of a rugby field, with players running around with the same end goal in mind - to win - but operating in their individual roles. They all had specific jobs to do but at certain points there was a need to all come together as a scrum to drive the game forward. 


We, you and I, are like those players. We all have individual roles and spaces but our goal, I hope, is the same. Our God given mission is to BUILD the church. Whether you are sharing the gospel, raising children to love God, being salt and light in your work places or taking someone out for coffee. Whether you are evangelising, making disciples, serving, encouraging, worshipping, teaching, learning or resting - it is all for one reason. To build His Church, the Bride. 


The times where we have to all come together to lean in and push forward are when we form a scrum. Every member of the team is needed. You are needed. No matter your experience, your gift, whether you are on the rota or whether you feel like you will make any difference - everyone is needed. And all of them is needed. In a scrum, the players pushing forward are using their whole selves, every ounce of energy and strength. And there are those on the outside, ready waiting to anticipate, support and run when needed. Not one person is a spare part. 


You are not a spare part.


I have felt God challenging to me to be all in - to use everything at my disposal to build his church. To not be passive but to engage, to lean in with all I have. He’s been showing me the times I am sitting on the sidelines opting out, where I am not offering all I am and all I have. I don’t think this is necessarily about doing more and giving more - but just being willing to give what we have and if that looks like measly scraps then that’s enough and God can multiply it into being more than enough. 


I wonder what a Sunday morning would feel like, what our homes, the school gates, our workplaces, our relationships would be like if we lent in with our whole selves..


I think it would feel like we were building the church and bringing His kingdom to earth.


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Lou Moore

Lou is on our Leaders Team 

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