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Monday, 28 January 2013 18:46

Dan Blog: Buildings & People

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church building upside down

I have been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about church buildings as we start to seek a new place to call home. We have always been a church that said it is not about buildings but people. However buildings have an important role to play in order to resource a lot of what we do to serve our local community. All sorts of community groups and charities also call our home theirs too which we love. Many of these would not be able to run without our facilities. On Sunday a friend passed me a book by David Watson called 'I Believe in the Church'. I am a huge admirer of David Watson have read many of his writings. His thinking which still rings so clearly  to believers 25 years on. The friend passing me the book focused my attention on a few pages in particular. This quote hit me like a train in which Watson quotes John Havlik.....

"The Church is never a place, but always a people; never a fold but always a flock; never a sacred building but always a living assembly. The church is you who pray, not where you pray. A structure of brick and marble can no more be a church than your clothes of serge or satin can be you. There is in this world nothing sacred but man, no sanctuary of man but the soul"

It is so easy to get it the wrong way around! The Church is always about people not t buildings! We too often forget this and the church is tipped on its end.

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